10 Best National Parks in India.

India may be a great tourism destination in the world. It attracts tourists with its unique cultural and geographical features. India has quite 200 wildlife sanctuaries and about 100 of them are classified as National Parks. However, some are better than others and still unexplored. National Parks in India spread across the country offer a desirable diversity of terrain, which is houses of an outsized number of untamed rare and giant animal species. These are the top 10 national parks in India.

1. Corbett National Park

Located on the brink of Nainital and is one of the best wild parks in North India. Corbett National Park may be a favorite destination for people looking to identify tigers, making it one of the important national parks in India. Other animals to be spotted here include several species of deer, leopards, jackals, red foxes, black bears, sloth bears, and monkeys. Tourists can book jeep safaris for early mornings and afternoons. it’s the primary park in India just in case you didn’t know.
The park is split into four separate zones, referred to as Durgadevi, Dhikala, Jhirna, and Bijrani, sprawled across a neighborhood of 520 square kilometers. All four of those are ideal for spotting a tiger in its natural habitat.
There is also an option for trekking around the park, albeit within the company of a guide.
Best season to visit: November to June
How to get there: Well connected by road and rail to Delhi, Nainital, Moradabad.
Price: INR 4000 per jeep, a maximum of 6 people allowed in one jeep.
Famous For: Tiger, Elephant, Red fox, black bear, jackal.

2. Kanha National Park

Sprawled across quite 1,945 sq km, Kanha National Park is one of the primary national parks in India for tiger reserves to figure for Project Tiger. Considered one among the national parks of India, it’s also a refuge for the Barasingha and is understood to be one of the foremost well-maintained National Parks of Asia. it’s been divided into two separate parts, Banjar and Hallon, named after the rivers that flow across it. There are separate zones here, including Kisli, Sarhi, Mukki, and Kanha Zone.
Tourists can hope to identify a good sort of animal here, aside from the tiger, like elephants, jackals, leopards, Hyaena hyaena s, monkeys, and a number of other sorts of deer including blackbuck, swamp deer, chital, and sambhar. Jeep safaris are available for traversing the park.
Best time to visit: November to June.
How to get there: Well connected by road from Nagpur and Jabalpur.
Price: From INR 1200 to 2400, depending upon the zone.
Famous For: Blackbuck, jackals, leopards, sambhar.

3. Ranthambore National Park

One of the most important national parks in North India, Ranthambore National Park covers a neighborhood of 392 sq km. it’s a neighborhood of Project Tiger and has been a refuge of Royal Bengal Tigers since 1974. The park also houses a fortress within the park premises, which may be a popular attraction for visitors.
Apart from tigers, visitors also can spot other animals like bears, leopards, jackals, elephants, striped hyenas, bison, monkeys, and a number of other sorts of deer. The park is additionally famed for being home to snakes of various varieties. a singular fact about the tigers of Ranthambore is that they lack the fear of humans, and continue hunting even in their presence making it apt for spotting them.
Best time to visit: October to May
How to get there: Sawai Madhopur is that the closest town and well connected via road
Price: 510 INR for Indians (Canter), 1250 INR for Foreigner (Canter), 750 INR for Indian (Gypsy), 1350 INR for Foreigner (Gypsy)
Famous For: Tigers, Deers, Different species of snakes.

4. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is the perfect place to identify a couple of wild animals like Rhinoceros, Tiger, Elephant, Wild Buffalo, and Swamp Deer. Unlike Hemis, which is that the highest park in India, this reserve houses some common hilly animal and bird species.
Covering a neighborhood of 378 sq km, the park also offers shelter to bears, leopards, and a number of other species of local and migratory birds, but the most important attractions remain the one-horned Rhino.
UNESCO declared it to be a World Heritage Site, thanks to its residing in an Eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot, making it one among the foremost diverse national parks of India. Tourists can prefer to enjoy jeep safari within the early morning or afternoon; elephant safaris within the early morning also are available.
Best season to visit: November to April
How to get there: Well connected to Kohara, the closest town, by road.
Price: Around 1200 INR for Indians, and 2000 INR for foreigners.
Famous For: Rhinoceros, Tiger, Elephant, Bison.

5. Sundarban National Park

Located in West Bengal, the Sundarban National Park may be a Tiger and Biosphere Reserve on the Ganges Delta. Its signature mangrove forest may be a particularly popular attraction here, making it one of the foremost visited national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India.
One can spot Bengal tiger, saltwater crocodile, wild boars, foxes, leopard cats, huge turtles, Ganges dolphins, and a number of other sorts of mammals and reptiles, alongside an enormous sort of local and migratory birds.
The only thanks to travel around and across the park is by boat; there are not any jeep safari or walking tours available. Another unique aspect of this park is that the tigers have developed the power to swim within the saline waters here. With ease, one can spot tigers sunbathing on the river banks from November to February. It’s surely among the simplest tiger national parks in India.
Best season to visit: December to February, the park remains open from September to March
How to get there: Gosaba is that the nearest town from where it’s connected by road. Tourists also can take the motorboat from Canning, which is that the nearest railroad station.
Price: Entry for Indians is free, although hiring a ship will cost you between 1000 to 2000 INR for each day
Famous For: Royal Bengal Tiger, Crocodile, Deer, Monkey, Snack, etc.

6. Gir National Park

Located in Gujarat, the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the simplest places to identify wild Asiatic lions in their natural habitat. It wont to be the hunting reserve for the Nawabs of Junagadh before it had become a sanctuary within the year 1990.
When it had been started, there have been a mere 12 lions here, and therefore the number has now grown to succeed in nearly 600. Other animals that one might spot here include sambar, chinkara, chital, porcupine, wild boar, blackbuck, et al. Tourists can enjoy jeep safaris here, towards early mornings, afternoons, and early evenings. this is often one of the foremost famous national parks in India that you simply cannot miss out on!
Best season to visit: December to March
How to get there: Well connected by roads to Rajkot and other cities.
Price: INR 4500 per jeep, a maximum of 6 people allowed in one jeep.
Famous For: Lion.

7. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Bandhavgarh National Park is perhaps well renowned because of the largest tiger reserve in India. Located in Madhya Pradesh inside a gorgeous forest, this reserve is legendary for having the very best number of Royal Bengal Tigers in the world. In fact, you’re bound to have more frequent sightings of those majestic beings here than in the other tiger reserve across the country, making this place a must-visit for all wildlife enthusiasts. aside from 44-49 tigers (according to the newest record), this park is home to over 22 species of mammals also as 250 species of birds. It’s among the simplest national parks in India and its famous animals include Asiatic jackals, sloth bears, foxes, gray mongoose, ratels, jungle cats, deer, wild boars, Chinkara, Nilgai, striped hyenas, and even leopards.
Best time to visit: October – June
How to get there: the closest railhead is at Umaria 35 km away, while the closest airport is at Khajuraho 270 km. you’ll take a cab from these two places.
Price: INR 2,200 for Indians | INR 4,300 for foreign tourists (For a gaggle of 6 people and inclusive of guide and vehicle)

Famous For: Highest number of Royal Bengal tigers.

8. Periyar National Park

Spread over 257 square miles, the Periyar National Park in Thekkady, Kerala is that the best-protected reserve area in India. you’ll find various species within the gorgeous park including the majestic elephants and royal tigers, aside from other fishes, reptiles, and birds. The park is well-known for its stillness and greenery and is a tremendous blend of adventure with beauty. it’s probably the most important park in India.
You can enjoy boat cruises, jungle safaris, eco-tourism activities including options like Bamboo Rafting, Jungle Patrol, Bamboo Grove, Periyar Tiger Trail, Jungle camp, Border hiking, Jungle Inn, and Bullock Cart discoveries. The wide selection of activities attracts thousands of tourists per annum.
Best Time To Visit: November to February
How To Get There: The closest railhead is in Kottayam, 114 km away while the closest airports to the park are Madurai which is at a distance of 136 km. you’ll take a cab from both these places.
Price: Adult – INR 33, Child – INR 5, Foreigners: Adult – INR 450, Child – INR 155

Famous For: Adventurous activities like bamboo rafting, safari, tiger trail.

9. Manas National Park

A UNESCO wildlife Heritage site, Manas National Park may be a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve in Assam. This reserve is legendary for the rare golden langur and therefore the lesser panda and is recognized for its mesmerizing scenery, natural landscape, and rich biodiversity. you’ll easily spot tigers and rhinos while sitting on an elephant. The park is additionally famous for retaining the utmost number of species from India as listed within the IUCN Red Book. FYI, Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is that the largest tiger reserve in India.
Best Time To Visit: October to April
How To Get There: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) is found 91 km far away from the Park while the place is additionally accessible from Guwahati, Kaziranga, Darjeeling, Shillong, and Siliguri.
Price: INR 20 for Indians and INR 250 for foreign tourists
Famous For: Tiger, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Monkey, Deer.

10. Bharatpur National Park

Bharatpur National Park also referred to as Keoladeo Park, this place is home to exotic birds and animals. Bharatpur National Park was listed on UNESCO in 1985. it’s not just a haven for plants and animals but also a representation of Rajsthani culture and variety. The park is found within the Braj region of Rajasthan whose mention has been wiped out numerous ballads and folklore. One will find 370 different species of plants and animals here. Tourists from everywhere over the country come to go to this beautiful place.
Best season to visit: November-February
How to get there: Bharatpur junction is merely 5 km far away from the park. Jaipur Airport is the closest airport, 150 km away.
Price: INR 50 per person

Famous for: Bird watching.


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