Andaman Islands – The combination of Blue Water and Green Islands.

Only two hours flight from Kolkata to Port Blair, which is the capital of the Andaman Islands! As you fly towards Port Blair, you can observe the mysteriously blue waters through the window on the aircraft. That’s Andaman!

The world’s indigenous people of the primitive. The whole of Andaman will shine under the dawn sun! Of 572 islands, only 38 are habitable. If you’re short on time to spare it’s best to create a plan that lasts at the very least seven days.

When you arrive at Port Blair you will find many hotels in the vicinity. If you don’t make reservations ahead, you could be in for a rough ride. There are a variety of high-quality hotel options located in Port Blair.

On the first day, you can take a tour of Port Blair. Walk around Corvin’s Cove Beach and jet ski in the event that you have time. It is best not to spend a lot of time here during the afternoon. There is a well-known Cellular Jail 4 km away. If you’re not able to attend the Light and Sound show there you’ll be missing it quite a bit! Under British rule and British rule, anyone who spoke up about them got sent to exile on the remote island. And then, oppression was a constant rain upon those who dissented. The Cellular Jail is a witness to these historical stories. Dinner can be found in hotels and local eateries. Bengali food is also served at different hotels in this area.

The next day’s location is Havelock Island, you have to be up early in the early morning! The top attraction of Havelock is Radhanagar beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia! It is hard to find anyone who isn’t captivated by the stunning beauty of Havelock Island. To reach this stunning island, you will need to take a ferry ride out of Port Blair. It takes about two and an hour and a half. When you get to this vessel you will be able to experience how beautiful the ocean is in many different ways. Are you curious about the hue of the ocean’s water between blue and green? As you get there the point, you’ll find the beach with coral. You can visit the visually appealing Elephant Beach. It is also possible to go to Kalapathar Beach!

Why not take the chance to dive into the world of fish and coral? Can do snorkeling. Put your head in the water and you’ll discover a fascinating world. A mystique of color and beauty! You’ll see a mixture of living and dead coral. Diverse colors of fish are floating about. Also, you can go to Neil Island.

The following day, you can take a trip to Baratang Island, 100 km away from Port Blair. The island is home to massive Mud volcanoes. The volcano was inactive, but it was brought back due to an earthquake that struck the ocean in 2004. Gas will appear out of the blue like an explosion.

It’s important to be aware that there is a limit to which Andaman islands are permitted. Foreigners can get permission to travel to the Andaman when they arrive at Vir Savarkar Airport in Port Blair. Be sure to keep several photocopies of your ID documents. My suggestion is for you to go to Andaman with the assistance of a tour operator. They can arrange ahead of time to travel and stay on various islands.

After your visit to the Andaman Islands has ended and you’re sad to leave the island. When you return when you see the blue waters for the final time through the window of your plane you’ll feel as if you must come back again.

There are so many famous hotels in Havelock, Neil Island & Port Blair.

Hotels in Port Blair: Hotel Seashell (03192-242774), Sinclairs Hotels & Resorts (9830452752), Lemon Tree Hotels (9911701701).
Hotels in Havelock Island: Aquays Hotels & Resorts (8001233991), Havelock Island Beach Resort (9599920849), Symphony Resorts (94760 60999), Shangrilas Beach Resort (9474252529).
Hotels in Neil Island: Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort And Spa (9476060999),
Aquays Hotels & Resorts (9932082091).

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