7 Amazing Beaches in Maharashtra.

The natural beauty of the Indian state of Maharashtra is one of the most stunning. Maharashtra is an absolute paradise with its mix of Western Ghats Mountains, the vast Arabian Sea, and greenery.

Here I give directions to seven amazing beach resorts in Maharashtra.

1. Alibaug, the Most popular beach in Maharashtra.

Palm trees with wide waterways in three directions. This kind of coexistence between nature as well as religion and history is not common. This is probably the reason why the bird specialist Salim Ali spent a significant period of his life in Mumbai. Many famous people in Mumbai have constructed bungalows within the forested area. There is a belief that Alibaug originates from the Marathi word ‘Alichabaug’.
What to see in Alibaug: The Kolaba Fort, which was built by Shivaji’s navy middle of the sea to guard against both the Portuguese in addition to the British is still a testament to the past. It is accessible via a carriage pulled by horses from Alibaug beach at low tide. Akshi beach is just 3km away and is popular with bird-watchers. Nagaon beach, located 7 km away, is home to the market for fish as well as two forts named Khanderi along with Undheri. It is also home to the famous Kihim beach can also be accessible. The view from Versoli Beach, Kolaba Fort is on one end as well as Khanderi and Undheri Fort on the opposite side are stunning. The Kankeshwar temple was built in 1764 and is worth a visit. Pushkaran Kund is located is behind the temple. There is also the Nagoba temple located 16km away. Within a couple of minutes from the bus station, You can also be able to visit the grave and residence of Maratha Navy Chief Kanhoji Angre.
How to reach Alibaug: 100 km from Mumbai via road.
Where to stay in Alibaug: There are different hotels with different budgets.
Hotel Nirvana (02141225430).
Sun Glow Resort (9689921073).
Hotel Ravi Kiran (9769446366).

2. Murud-Janjira.

The tranquil beach of white sand of Arabian Sea on one side of the Murud. The other side, Jhou and Coconut tree is a stunning cosmos surrounded by green. The primary attraction of Murud is this fort, which dates back 350 years as a massive ship. Janjira Fort is located in the Arabian Sea, a short distance from Murud Beach. Janjira in Arabic means island. Also, there is the 19th-century Ahmedganj Palace, a memorial to Nawabs from Janjira Fort, on 45 acres of land on the mainland. It is now maintained under the administration. There are also Koteshwari temples.
What to see in Murud: From Murud it is possible to reach Rajapuri Jetty and get a boat to Janjira. The 90-foot high castle made of sand situated in the turquoise Arabian Sea is a wonder. Habshi is an Abyssinian from Abyssinia near Africa built forts from an amalgamation of molasses, lime, lead, and gravel. The cannon’s face was visible through the gaps within the dark limestone. The indestructible Janjira fort was not destroyed through English, Portuguese, strong Shivaji, Kanoji Angre, Chimaji Apa as well as the son of Shivaji Shambhaji. Shivaji attacked Janjira fort 13 times.
How to reach Murud: Only 55 km by road from Alibaug.
Where to stay in Murud: You can stay in any of the many hotels.
Sea Breeze Beach Resort (02144-276060).
Golden Swan Beach Resort (9225591131).
Murud Marina Hotel (8007792776).

3. Ganpatipule, Best Beaches in Maharashtra.

On the outskirts of the green hills lies the majestic Ganapati temple. In front of it lies the huge Arabian Sea. Ganpatipule is the name given to that the goddess’ beach. This hill’s name originates in Swayambhu Ganesh or Ganapati, and the word “pule” is a reference to sand. Ganpati is also called Ganesha is worshipped in the temple that dates back to 400 years. The temple is well-known and well-liked in Maharashtra. Every day, a large number of people are seeking good fortune. On the day of Shukla (Ganesh) Chaturthi in the month of Magh many people flock to this town. This town is tranquil, serene, and free of dirt. Plants that are familiar to us like mango coconut, jackfruit, and bananas are everywhere. If you visit here you will find the red-colored dirt road, houses with red tiles.
What to see in Ganpatipule: There is only blue ocean blue sky, blue sea, as well as seabirds. The beach right in front of the Temple is very crowded. The beach that is in the front of the state tourism or a bit further away is more private. The hill’s path has been made paved to the east of the temple. The tranquility of Malgund beach is about 3-4 km away. It is located close to the home that was the home of famed Marathi writer Keshavsut. Also, visit the old Konkan Museum and the 1800 Jaigarh Fort built by Shivaji as well as others.
Where to stay in Ganpatipule: Ganpatipule, 250 km on the highway from the Murud-Janjira. You can take a direct train that runs from Mumbai towards Ratnagiri. There are many trains that travel on this route. Autorickshaws, buses, and rental cars are in service for a distance of 25km away from Ratnagiri up to Ganpatipule.
Greenleaf The Resort & Spa (8689909000).
Abhishek Beach Resort and Spa (7620044777).
Ekdant Hotel & Resturant (9075093187).

4. Kunkeswar.

The legend goes that one Arabian merchant, who was threatened by an avalanche was able to see the glow of a temple along the beach and traveled from the ocean to build the temple that is now in Kunkeshwar. There is also a legend that Maharaja Shivaji revered Shiva at this temple. In the middle of the dark green vegetation, this beach in the Arabian Sea is radiant in its beauty.
What to see in Kunkeswar: There is nothing to do in the tranquility of Kunkeshwar other than to enjoy Kunkeshwar’s Shiva temple and the 2km of clean sand that sits just higher than the beaches. The area around Devgad is distinct in terms of forts, temples and beaches. Also known for its Alfonso mangoes. A few kilometers from the South is the spectacular Taramumbari Beach. The night waves of the beach look like fire due to the Phosphorus. Vijaydurg Fort and beach 36 kilometers away from Kunkeshwar.
How to reach Kunkeswar: Kunkeshwar beach after 125 km beyond Ganpatipule.
Where to stay in Kunkeshwar: Kunkeshwar, Devgarh, and Vijaydurg have plenty of accommodation.
MTDC Kunkeshwar Resort (02364-248920).
Hotel Alankar, Devgad (02364-262259).
Galaxy Resort (9423684848).

5. Malvan & Sindhudurg.

This tiny town situated on the Konkan coast is bustling with its own ambiance. The Malvan beach is covered by Jhou coconut, mango, and jackfruit trees. If you walk along the white beach it will be possible to be able to see the bustle of the fishing boats as well as the fish market which is there. Sindhudurg is among the most important chapters of Maratha history. Shivaji constructed this fort, in 1664 with the aid of more than 100 Portuguese experts, the most skilled artisans to construct the fort. 15,000 tons of iron were utilized to build the fort, which was built on a solid base.
What to see in Malvan & Sindhudur: Marine fish auctions are held here each day between 5 and 7 am in the morning. The most popular attraction in Malvan Beach is Sindhudurg, 0.5 km from Malvan beach, which is located in the Arabian Sea. It is possible to visit Sindhudurg via ferry service each 15-30 minute period. This fort, enclosed by a wall that was 12 feet in width and 30 feet tall was the principal military base for the Marathas. Shivaji’s footprints and hands are kept on high above one of the gates to the fort. Shivaji Maharaj himself is being revered in the Sri Shiv Chhatrapati temple. The temple dedicated to Shivaji was constructed during the year 1895 and was commissioned by his son Shivaji Rajaram. Alongside, Maruti Mahadev, Garima as well as Devi Bhavani are also in the fort. The lighthouse is 2 kilometers away. It is also home to Sridevi as well as Rameshwar temples.
How to reach Malvan & Sindhdurg: Malvan is 48 km from Kunkeshwar.

6. Tarakarli Beach Maharashtra.

The place where the aqua Kurly River flows in the Arabian Sea, there is the breathtaking Tarkarli Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches found in Maharashtra. There are rows of coconut trees and Konkani settlements along opposite sides of Karli river. The beautiful white sand is just like its own queen beach. It is awash with domestic and foreign tourists all entire year. The water is so clear it is visible up to 20 feet below the surface. This is it. That’s USP here. At the heart of the Arabian Sea, the impregnable Sindhudurg Fort built by Shivaji Maharaj is visible from Tarakarli.
What to see in Tarkarli: Walk along the beach that runs for 8 km that is Tarakarli either in the early morning hours or in the evening. It’s the Arabian Sea that will enchant you in its quiet solitude. It’s also nice to stroll on the shores of the Karli River. It is possible to visit the Vitthal temple to worship. Battery-powered vessels are accessible via Deobagh, Tsunami Island, the river’s mouth, the Kurli River, or Golden Rock close to Nivati Beach. The nearest beaches are Kolamb Beach and 10 km away is Achara Beach.
How to reach Tarkarli: Tarkarli, situated just 6 km from Malvan Beach. If you wish to go directly, take a train to Kural station on the way to Mumbai and travel 35 km via car or auto.
Hotels in Malvan, Sindhudurg & Tarkarli: There are so many hotels in different categories in these places.

7. Vengurla – White sand beaches in Maharashtra.

Vengurla beach is known as Sagareshwar. In a nutshell, this beach with its unique white sand and Jhou trees is awe-inspiring. The pureness in Konkani beauty is reflected throughout the surrounding area. Amazing beaches, lush coconut forests along lush hills create Vengurla an exceptional destination.
What to see in Vengurla: Vengurla becomes stunning at sunset and sunrise. There is a Shiva temple located on Sagareshwar beach. In the afternoon, visitors are able to visit the lighthouse located on the slope. From here, the marine beauty below is stunning. Shiroda has located 10 km from here. Salt was created in the Salt Satyagraha in Shiroda which was a cult event in the story of the struggle for freedom. Gandhiji was also a visitor to Shiroda.
How to reach Vengurla: Vengurla, 50 km from Malvan via road. The distance from Sawantwari Railway Station is 26 kilometers. There are several trains operating on this route starting from Mumbai.
Where to stay in Vengurla: There are several private arrangements for staying.

There are multiple trains from Mumbai to Konkan Railway including 10111 Konkankanya Express, 10103 Mandbi Express, 12719 Matsyagandha Express to reach these places. You can also come by car from Mumbai.
Details: Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, CDO, LIC Building (Yogakshem), Madam Kama Road, Mumbai 400 020.
Website: www.maharashtratourism.gov.in

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