Travel Insurance Facts You Need to Know.

A travel insurance plan offers coverage against all possible travel and medical emergencies while traveling within India and abroad. It is often procured from any general insurance company in India and will be customized consistent with the destination one traveling to.

Why did you select Travel Insurance?

01. Medical Expenses (Accident or Sickness): It covers expenses for medical assistance and hospitalization which will be helpful just in case of sudden illness or injury on a trip.
02. Personal Accident Cover: Travel insurance compensates medical expenses in the event of an accident that leads to death or permanent disability.
03. Trip Delay or Cancellation: Under Travel Insurance, the insurer reimburses the expenses incurred if the trip is delayed for more than 8 hours rescheduling of flights.
The cancellation covers official cancellation charges and extra transportation expenses incurred for returning back. Cancellations are often thanks to natural peril, death, or hospitalization of the person insured or of a loved one.
04. Baggage Loss or Delay: Travel insurance bears the approximate cost of products if checked-in baggage is lost by the airline. The cover commences from the time the check-in baggage is handed to the airlines and ends once you collect the bag at the airport. The insurer pays you a fixed allowance just in case of a delay in receipt of check-in baggage. The delay should be for quite 6 hours for domestic and 12 hours for the international location from the arrival of the flight.
05. Missed Connecting Flights: Covers just in case of failure to access the flight, arising due to delayed arrival of the earlier flight. This will flow from reasons beyond the control of the person insured.
06. Passport Loss: The insurer reimburses the particular expenses incurred for obtaining a duplicate or a fresh passport.
07. Emergency medical Transport: You protect the value incurred for an ambulance or any emergency transportation just in case of illness or injury on traveling.
08. Emergency Cash Advances: Covers financial emergencies due to accidental loss of cash during the trip. The insurance is within the sort of a hard and fast daily allowance.
09. Repatriation of Mortal Remains:In case of unfortunate death, travel insurance covers the value of transporting the dead body back to the residence. The insurance also covers the amount equivalent to a local burial or cremation where the death has occurred.
10. Compassionate Visit: The insurance covers the value of the visit of an immediate family member in the event of being hospitalized for quite 5 days.

10 Best Travel Insurance in India:-

You will find the list of best Travel Insurance companies in India, things to consider while buying travel insurance, and therefore the benefits of getting travel insurance.
02. Apollo Munich.
09. SBI.

Things You Should Consider While Buying Insurance:-

01. Covers for Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Disclosing pre-existing is useful while taking travel insurance.
So if you or any member of the family is trying to find a far-off trip for a pre-existing medical condition checks the insurer who has coverage for specific medical conditions.
02. Level of Cover for Adventure Activity: This is especially important if you’re getting to participate in adventure sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, river rafting, or scuba diving while traveling.
Check for travel insurance that covers such activities. Certain insurers may clearly exclude a such activity or may charge a further premium.
03. Individual Claim Limits: Certain claims have predefined amount limits like loss of luggage, wallet, missed flights, and canceled flights.
Do check individual payout limits for every item separately. If required you’ll avail of separate insurance for those items.
04. Protect Loss of private Belongings: The insurer expects that you simply take proper care of your belongings and thus cover only accidental losses and theft. In the case of negligence, the insurer may refuse the claim.
05. Travel Destinations: The different destination features a different level of perceived risk and hospitalization costs. Like healthcare is expensive within the USA, UK, and Australia compared to countries within the Middle East or Southeast region requiring larger insurance amounts. Requiring you to pay a better premium.
Likewise, if you’re traveling to destinations susceptible to natural disasters or socio-political volatilities, then a better premium is charged.
Do remember to see the excluded destinations. Yes, insurers don’t cover all foreign locations under travel insurance.
06. Background of the Insurance Company: Before finalizing the travel insurance do check the solvency of the insurance company. Also, consider insurance firms who can provide additional benefits in terms of free support in a foreign country and free protect children, etc.
07. Limits on Trip Duration: One should know the travel needs sort of a single visit or a frequent visit. Also traveling alone or with the family affects the insurance requirements.
Types of policies:-
Single Trip insurance for infrequent travel with but six months of policy coverage.
Multi-trip Insurance for frequent visits. The policy gives an annual cover and premiums are higher and are required to be paid annually. However, under a multi-trip insurance plan, every single travel is capped at 30 to 90 days of the visit.
Family insurance may be a floater policy having the advantage of global travel insurance for the whole family.

When do you have to Buy the Insurance in India:-

For regular domestic visits to cities, you’ll not require travel insurance. But once you are traveling to a hill station or engaging in risky adventure sports like hiking, skin diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, or trekking then surely you would like to shop for travel insurance regardless of whether you’re traveling in India or abroad.
The few occasions where you’ll consider skipping travel insurance are :
01. When your premium MasterCard offers travel insurance or specific travel coverage
02. If the airline covers loss of luggage, delayed arrival, flight, or trip cancellation
03. If you’ve got worldwide health care insurance and decide to bear all the medical expenses, then you will consider skipping Travel insurance.

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